The Chinese Attitude to study hard can be our inspiration

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As we know, China is one country that currently has the fastest in economic growth and infrastructure development in the world.

The country that become a “ghost” in economic field  not only for developing countries but also developed countries; they all concerned with the production of goods of China. China is also a country with the largest reserves in the world.

What does push them forward? Below are some photos from a mailing list about how persistent their lower class people in China to learn.

This photograph is a portrait named a community of scavengers on the outskirts of large cities.

Their lives are very hard not only for their parents but their small children must feel it so. But the persistence  attitude of scavenger children there to study hard deserves two thumbs up

Between their activities to make a living, the spare time filled with learning. Probably it’s not overacting if we take the lessons to learn from this. So, in future day, We also can get up and build a great nation, to fill up the spare time with studying activities.

And also, with all of our facilities in education, we should grateful to use, and not waste it.
Check out the pictures below

Humpback Whale found dead to starving in Thames

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is a bad news. A humpback Whale found dead in Thames. This 9.5m-long (28ft) juvenile male whale was first spotted in the Thames River on Thursday, but was not seen again. And then people found  it was dead on Saturday morning near Dartford Bridge.
First examination suggests that the dead humpback, may have died from starvation.
Scientists from The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), which manages the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme, described that humpback found in Thames is something such an "incredibly unusual event".
"There have only been 12 strandings of humpback whales in the last 20 years and this is an incredibly unusual event."
The programme's manager, Rob Deaville, said: "Preliminary results from the post-mortem examination indicate that it may have died as a result of starvation, but further tests are still pending and may provide additional information about what happened to this whale”.

Another Evidence of Global Warming

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still believe not that Global Warming threat our life sustainability?. Many scientists said that if there’s no meaningful action before 2012, then everything is too late.
Here in this photo, you can compare the condition before global warming and now (when global warming happen)

New Evidence of Climate Changes

Monday, September 7, 2009

If you still doubt about the truth of  climate change, maybe hundreds of scientists research report from the various countries in the world can make you believe that climate change is happening. If you still do not believe, probably  following Steve Gorman (Reuters) report  can make you believe.
South polar ice is the main component to maintain Earth temperature keep cool . But now,  the ice layer depletion continues. From satellite observations, the area of thin ice now reaches 70% of the entire south pole, increase sharply from 40% -50% in 80 to 90s.
Polar ice melt (Photo: Daily Mail)

Cull Watermelon can be converted to Bioethanol

Saturday, September 5, 2009

British automotive magazine, AUTOCAR,  reports that watermelon can be used for future fuel. According to some studies, about 360,000 tons of watermelons wasted each year due to rotten and can not be sold. In addition to that condition, farmers also suffered a loss of about 20% to 40% of their crops.
The researchers in the United States has successfully extract ethanol from  watermelon to fuel a car engine. The researchers from the US agriculture department in Oklahoma find a solution to utilize wasted watermelon to convert into approximately 2.5 million liters of fuel each year.
They found that watermelon juice from rejected watermelon can be fermented into bio-ethanol. This research evaluated the biofuel potential of juice from 'cull' watermelons – those not sold due to cosmetic imperfections, and currently ploughed back into the field.
Wayne Fish from the US Department of Agriculture said, "About 20% of each annual watermelon crop is left in the field because of surface blemishes or because they are misshapen. We've shown that the juice of these melons is a source of readily fermentable sugars, representing a heretofore untapped feedstock for ethanol biofuel production."
The researchers conclude that at a "production ratio of ~0.4 g ethanol/g sugar, as measured in this study, approximately 220 L/ha of ethanol would be produced from cull watermelons."
Watermelon can be converted to Bioethanol

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