Another Evidence of Global Warming

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still believe not that Global Warming threat our life sustainability?. Many scientists said that if there’s no meaningful action before 2012, then everything is too late.
Here in this photo, you can compare the condition before global warming and now (when global warming happen)

Polar ice melting

Arid land..

Temperature rise about 6 degrees will make 95% of any creatures in our world will be annihilated. Today, the earth temperature has rise 1-2 degrees. If this keep happening, our world will be like this


Joseph Cotten said...

Great stuff here. Hopefully these won't turn out to be Photoshopped! One thing I find really interesting is that the polar caps on Mars and Venus are heating up at the same rate ours are. Crazy, huh? So the sun is actually in one of it's heating phases. The good news is that humans aren't causing the global warming; the sun is. The bad new is that humans aren't causing global warming; the sun is. That means we can't stop it either. Scary!

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