New Evidence of Climate Changes

Monday, September 7, 2009

If you still doubt about the truth of  climate change, maybe hundreds of scientists research report from the various countries in the world can make you believe that climate change is happening. If you still do not believe, probably  following Steve Gorman (Reuters) report  can make you believe.
South polar ice is the main component to maintain Earth temperature keep cool . But now,  the ice layer depletion continues. From satellite observations, the area of thin ice now reaches 70% of the entire south pole, increase sharply from 40% -50% in 80 to 90s.
Polar ice melt (Photo: Daily Mail)

Scientists have been screaming for years about the dangers of polar ice loss which served as Air Conditioner (AC) for this giant planet. As the polar ice melts, the sun no longer falls into the bright surface of ice that is reflecting light, but fell into the darker sea water  (absorbing heat ). As a result, more sunlight absorbed at the poles than reflected, causing Earth's rising heat. This happened due to human activity that releases greenhouse gases into the air, so that the hot sun trapped between the Earth and the atmosphere and  the result is melting the ice at the poles.

From satellite observations, the maximum area of the south polar ice melting during the winter 2008-09 was 15.2 million square kilometers.
Catastrophic climate change of course, don’t come suddenly like an earthquake or a tsunami. But the danger is no less horrible. We often never aware and realize  because of the change happen in a small shift.


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